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Planning a customize funeral service is one of the best things that you can do to honor the life of a loved one. After someone passes away, you have one opportunity to pay a final tribute to that person. The funeral or memorial is a time when you can share memories with family and friends. So, it is important that you choose the right funeral home in Shenandoah, TX to help with the services.


There’s no doubt that the quality of the funeral home will have an impact on the memories that are created at the event. As people gather to pay their last respects, will they enjoy a beautiful ceremony that includes all of the important details? Or, will some of the logistics slip through the cracks, resulting in a situation that is less than ideal?


You deserve a quality funeral experience for your family members. So, it is important that you contact our team here at Cypress Creek Funeral Home and Crematory. We’ve been serving residents in the area for more than 25 years, offering caring and customized services for every family.


Funerals, Memorials, and Celebrations of Life


One of the benefits of choosing a full-service funeral home is the opportunity that you have to customize the service to match the preferences or traditions of your family. Do you have specific requests that should be included in the ceremony or services? Talk to our team, and we will ensure that your requests are included in the services that are offered.


You will see that we provide the full support that is needed for every aspect of funeral planning. In addition to the logistics for the viewing, graveside service, and funeral, we also take care of the paperwork and details that need to happen behind the scenes.


What are the differences in the common types of services that are offered? Here is an overview:


  • Funeral: Often considered to be the most traditional service after someone dies. A funeral is a formal or semi-formal event where family and friends gather to view a program that is shared about the person’s life and talents. It usually includes speakers, music, photos, and more. Typically, the event is called a funeral when the body is present in an open or closed casket.
  • Memorial: This event is similar to a funeral. The main difference is the presence of the body. If the body is not present, then it is called a memorial. In this situation, the body might be buried before the event. Or you can choose cremation before the memorial so that the cremated ashes can be present in an urn.
  • Celebration of Life: In some situations, families don’t want to have a formal gathering for friends and family members. Instead of a funeral or memorial, a Celebration of Life can be planned. Often, this event is designed to have a light-hearted, casual feeling. You might hold the Celebration of Life at an outdoor location, such as a park or in a backyard.


Regardless of the service that you choose, you can customize the details of the event. You can decide if you want to hold the services in the chapel here in our funeral home. Or, you might talk to your clergy to arrange the funeral in a local church. Pick a location that creates the atmosphere that will be most comfortable for family and friends who will be in attendance.


Other Options Offered by a Full-Service Funeral Home


Even though the funeral or memorial is the focus of the funeral plan, other services might be included as add-on events to the main gathering. For example, you can have a viewing that allows friends and family members to see the deceased before the casket is closed. You might also consider the benefits of a graveside service with a processional if you are planning to bury the casket or urn on the cemetery.


Cremation is a solution if you don’t want the person to be placed in a cemetery. The cremated ashes can be placed in the urn of your choice. Then, you have the freedom to choose the location where the person should be laid to rest. Ashes can be scattered over water or land. Or, an urn can be kept in the home if it is a better fit for your family traditions.


Choosing a Funeral Home in Shenandoah, TX


The most important decision that you can make is choosing a funeral home that you can trust in the area. The quality of the funeral home will impact the experience that you have before and after the funeral or memorial services. Pick a local funeral home that is family-owned and offers the services that you desire.


For more information, talk to us at Cypress Creek Funeral Home and Crematory. Our funeral home is located at 2000 Cypress Landing Dr, Houston, TX 77090. Or, call if you would like to schedule an appointment: (281) 895-8811

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