Why it Makes Sense to Hold a Memorial Service

After the Jersey Village, TX funeral home and cremation process, you might want to hold a memorial to commemorate your dearly departed loved one. Such an event is by no means absolutely necessary, especially if you had a funeral service, but it can be a nice addition.


Take a look at the rationale for holding a memorial after either a traditional funeral service or a cremation service.



While not all traditions need to be followed, some of them just feel right. A memorial might be one of those time-honored customs that is important to your family and loved ones. During the actual funeral or cremation, you and yours might be burdened with grief and stress. The memorial service, however, usually provides the opportunity for a more upbeat and contemplative gathering. So, if your family has traditionally held memorial services to commemorate their own, seriously consider following this tradition.


Heal Together

The grieving process is different for different people. Some seem to come to grips and accept the new normal sooner than others do. But one thing’s for certain – a memorial can provide the perfect opportunity for everyone to heal together and to provide comfort to one another. The atmosphere at the memorial will usually be more informal than it would at the funeral or cremation. This will provide opportunities for people to open up, share what they’re feeling, talk about the good times involving the dearly departed and provide support to help one another.



One of the best reasons for holding a memorial is that you can celebrate. Yes, a memorial should be a celebration of life. It should focus on memories of the deceased person’s life. Was the person particularly giving and loving? Was the person loyal to family and friends? Did the person have any notable lifetime accomplishments? Everyone deserves to be celebrated. Take the time during the memorial to focus more on the person’s life than on the person’s death. By the time the memorial winds down and everyone returns to their own homes, you, your family and the other attendees should feel refreshed and ready to go about living life to the fullest.


Venue Options

The great thing with memorials is that you can hold them virtually anywhere. They don’t have to be held in a church or funeral home. You can, for instance, hold one on a private property, in a rented area of a local restaurant or just about anywhere else.



With some family and friends living far from where the burial or cremation will take place, it’s likely that some of the people who want to be there won’t be able to make it because of the logistics. This is where a memorial comes in. Those who can’t be there for the body disposition might be able to make it for the memorial, especially if they’re given enough time to plan to attend.

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