4 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Grieving the Loss of a Family Member

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If you’ve ever been to Aldine, TX funeral homes and cremations services to support friends or colleagues, you probably have encountered situations where you were at a loss for words. How, after all, do you say the right thing when someone is grieving?


While you’ll need to say something at some point whether to express condolences or to offer support, here are 4 things that you should never communicate to a grieving person.


  1. “At least your dad didn’t suffer long. Mine had an extended illness before he died.”

These words, or anything close to them, are inappropriate. What it does is minimize, even if unintentionally, the pain that someone else is experiencing. Basically, it’s like saying something like, “Don’t complain. My circumstances were worse than yours are.” Of course, you would never intend to convey those sorts of sentiments. But sometimes our words can, particularly to someone who is dealing with grief, come across the wrong way. It’s better to express your condolences while letting the person know you’re there if they need you – and leave it at that.


  1. “You have to move on.”

Give your grieving friend or co-worker the benefit of the doubt. In other words, the person knows that he or she will need to pick up the pieces and adjust to a new normal. What the person does not need from you, however, is an order to fast-track the grieving process. Your friend or colleague will eventually come to terms with everything that has happened. What you need to do is to be there and to let the person know that you’re there when needed. That’s all.


  1. “God must have wanted another angel.”

While words like this might come from a good place in your heart, it’s best to probably reflect on them for a while before they leave your mouth audibly. Saying something like this will make you come across as insensitive. After all, will your friend or co-worker’s pain be in anyway diminished simply by hearing that God ripped away someone near and dear to them so that the person could be added to the angelic ranks? Probably not.


  1. “Everything happens for a reason.”

This one is almost as bad as horoscopes that say things that are little more enlightening than, “Something will happen to you today.” Again, you may be very well-meaning when you say something like this. But telling your friend or co-worker that there’s a reason for everything probably doesn’t count as a very nice thing to say to someone who is grieving a loss.


Yes, there are some things that should never be uttered to someone who is coping with a loss in the family. When you need experts in funeral homes and cremations in Aldine, TX, we have you covered at Cypress Creek Funeral Home and Crematory. Call us at (281) 895-8811 or visit us at 2000 Cypress Landing Dr Houston, TX 77090 to discuss body disposition matters. We pride ourselves on customer service and on being a family-owned and operated business that knows and loves the communities we serve and the people in these communities. We’re here to help when you need us.

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