3 Reasons Why Cremation is so Popular

Whether you’re preplanning for yourself or are responsible for the body disposition preparations for a loved one who has passed away, you will at some point need to consider the Woodlands, TX funeral home and cremation services. Burial and cremation are the two major options, but the latter is the more popular of the two. Have you ever wondered why? Read on to learn about 3 reasons why cremation is the disposition method of choice for many people.


  1. Less Expensive

It’s not exactly true that cremation will always be cheaper than a funeral, but you are more likely to pay less for the former than you are for the latter. Cremation is usually more cost-effective, but the final price can climb if you opt to add services that are usually associated with traditional earth burial. So, if you go with cremation and are mindful of the extra costs associated with other service options, you can usually save versus the cost of a traditional funeral service.


  1. Personalization

Even if there’s no actual funeral service or viewing associated with a cremation, you can still hold a memorial sometime later. Memorials offer the opportunity for personalization as you celebrate the life of a dearly departed loved one. You can hold one at a private property, a banquet hall in a restaurant, a church, a park and just about anywhere else. You can have readings, poetry, singling and special dishes at the reception. Basically, the sky’s the limit when personalizing a memorial, so let your creative juices flow and plan something memorable.


  1. Options for Remains

Traditional earth burial entails, obviously, lowering the body under the earth. But there are loads of options if your deceased loved one is cremated. From keeping the ashes in an urn, to scattering the ashes in location that has sentimental value, to turning the ashes to memorial jewelry, there are plenty of ways you can do something special. Even so, burial and cremation are not the only two ways to go. A deceased body can also be donated to science. This would represent a self-less act since people who benefited people when alive can also benefit people posthumously.


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