3 Cremation Services Facts You Should Know About

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If you’re considering funeral home and cremations in Spring, TX, the good news is that both body disposition methods are popular and acceptable ways to lay loved ones to rest. 


It may or may not surprise you, however, that cremation is now actually more popular than traditional earth burial. That’s quite a turnaround since there was a time when many people would entertain the idea of cremation only long enough to outright reject it in favor of burial.  


How things have changed! Considering that cremation is now the preferred body disposition method for most people, perhaps it’s something you’d be interested in for your or for someone in your family. That said, here are 3 cremation services facts that you may not have heard of. 


  1. Body is Not Burned

First things first. The body is not burned during the cremation service. Modern crematoriums or crematories rely on intense heat inside of the cremation chamber to do what flames might have been used to do in the early stages of the industry. The intense heat, in fact, is so hot that it will consume all but the teeth and some bone fragments. These remains will then be ground up or pulverized into fine ashes that are also known as cremains. If you have young children in your family, it’ll be much easier to explain cremation in humane terms if they’re not left with the idea that their deceased loved one was burned up. 


  1. One at a Time

It’s interesting to note that there are baseless rumors about the industry. One of them is the idea that more than one body is sometimes placed into a cremation chamber. Regulations are such that service providers in the industry have a one-body-at-a-time policy. So, when you get the remains of your deceased loved one in an urn, you won’t have to wonder if perhaps the remains of someone else might be mixed in with those of your family member. 


  1. Urn Can be Buried

One of the benefits of cremation is that there are many options as per what you can do with the ashes. You might be surprised to know that some people actually bury the urn in the same way that they might bury a casket. If this is the plan, you may be allowed to bury more than one urn on a single burial plot. You’ll have to ask whatever funeral home you retain about this. The great thing about this option is that your family can potentially bury multiple urns on a single spot. This is also great for the environment since it maximizes the use of precious real estate. 


Cypress Creek Funeral Home and Crematory has you covered when one of life’s most unpleasant realities, namely death, takes away one of your dear relatives. Call us at (281) 895-8811 if you’d like a complementary consultation. You may also stop by our office at 2000 Cypress Landing Dr Houston, TX 77090. Spring, TX funeral home and cremation services are our specialty, and we’re honored to be able to lend our expertise to help out community. 

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